Communication Campaign

Children First
Protecting children who witness domestic violence is a priority.


Communication activity is an integral part of a project which has the ambitious objective of responding to a general need to improve the quality of public and private services provided to children who witness domestic violence.

To move in this direction, CHILDREN FIRST drew up an activity plan acting on the extended and heterogeneous category of operators and policy makers, committed to the serious problem of witnessed violence, through an integrated action to which 3 specific objectives are assigned:

  • Create a common framework on features of WDV (e.g. symptomatology, effects of traumas) among practitioners
  • Enhance the skills of practitioners working in selected critical areas to assist children victim of WDV
  • Promote cooperation, multidisciplinary and holistic approaches among actors

Given this premise, the concrete objectives entrusted to communication and dissemination are:

  • To create processing (visual and copy) of all the main editorial results of the project (guidelines, protocols, training materials), in order to make them easily accessible and target-friendly. In order to do so, videos, infographics, banners and other BTL material will be produced.
  • To disseminate the training toolkit, guidelines and operational protocol, among current and future professionals in CSOs and public entities responsible for the regulation and/or provision of services to victims of domestic violence, in order to increase their impact and application.
  • To disseminate project methodology and crucial policy outputs to stakeholders at EU and National level to stimulate the further replication of the projects.


Beyond this website that will be the base of the communication campaign, where the CF’s features will be collected and disseminated (activities, objectives, methodology used, and results are here available), the communication strategy will be structured on a mix of channels

Social pages

The social pages of CF will be: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Each page will constantly share and relaunch news, pictures and videos. It will stimulate people to share outputs, visit this website and take part in the debate on the topic. Details of the strategy will be differentiated according to the type of social media implied.


A set of 4 videos will be realize to summarize the main issue emerged during the project

Event activity

Beyond the online activity communication will be developed also by public events. A cycle of 3 info days at the universities of the countries involved, 3 Meetings with the Municipality of Castel di Sangro, Sulmona, Karditsa and Ruse and the realization of a final conference will be organized during the project.

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Children First - Protecting children who witness domestic violence is a priority