Children First
Protection and support for victims and witnesses of domestic violence

Horizon Service is an Italian non-governmental organization founded in 1998 based in Sulmona, Italy. The founding of the Cooperative, without profit, it is the expression of the “active citizenship” of a group of young people that works in support of the neediest. The person is the heart of every activity of the organization, especially people with fewer opportunities”.

The keywords that synthetically identify the Cooperative Mission are:

  • MUTUALITY: it is the Cooperative’s priority aim to promote the best economic, professional and social conditions to its members; guarantee them equal opportunities; encourage their participation in choices.
  • CUSTOMER CENTRALITY: the satisfaction of users and customers is at the center of the activity, oriented towards efficiency, efficiency and value production in the services offered.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: the organization is an active and responsible subject in the reference territory and contribute to the promotion of a community welfare able to combine development and solidarity.

Horizon Service currently operates in health sector, social and educational sectors, carrying out activities for the design and management of different types of personal services, intended for different user targets. The individual services are designed and organized in their relationships and mutual interactions, as an integrated system in which the various functions jointly contribute to achieving the well-being of users.

CISMAI – Coordinamento Italiano dei Servizi contro il Maltrattamento e l’Abuso all’Infanzia – was born in 1993 on the initiative of some centers active in Italy in the field of protection and care of minors. It is an organization composed by over 100 associated entities and thousands individual members. In addition, CISMAI is member of the ISPCAN (International Society for Prevention Child Abuse and Neglect) which represents the international network of operators, researchers and professionals active in the field of prevention of child abuse.

The main object of the CISMAI is to build a permanent cultural and educational location in the field of issues related to the activity of prevention and treatment of the violence against minors, with particular focus on the abuses in the family environment.

In order to reach this goal CISMAI act in the following areas:

  • to promote coordination and exchange between centers and services, public and private, which operate in the field of prevention and treatment in the abuse of minors;
  • to identify guidelines for dealing with situations and defines intervention protocols that can be used by the various services concerned;
  • To promote contacts and exchanges with political and institutional forces, in order to signal priorities for action to combat violence against minors;
  • To promote conferences, seminars, debates, research, publications, training courses;
  • To maintain contacts and collaborates with other national and international associations engaged in the defense of the rights of boys and girls.

ARES 2.0 is a company specialized in socio-economic research, institutional communication, complex project management and training.

Currently the company operates through a network of 35 research experts in statistical, economic and social sciences, trainers, communication creatives, videomakers, designers and management experts.

The areas of consolidated interest of ARES 2.0 are: labor market and professional training, sustainability and security, welfare, social policies and citizenship, undeclared economy and criminality, local development and business competitiveness, industrial policy and Made in Italy. With this configuration, ARES 2.0 has elaborated 71 research products, 43 communication activities and 81 audiovisual products over the last five years.

Since 2013, following the challenges and opportunities coming from the global market, Ares embarked on an internationalization path and establish a European project unit. Leveraging on the expertise and the network developed in the management of complex national projects and alongside the new resources specialized in the management of European projects, today ARES 2.0 is a company able to seize and exploit the heterogeneous financing opportunities coming from the Community system and to develop research projects and social intervention in different areas.

Center for Sustainable Communities Development (Former “Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation”) is an independent, non-governmental organization in public benefit, founded in 1994 by active professional women. It has won recognition as an Advocacy group working to:

  • raise Bulgarian society awareness of gender equality issues;
  • raise civil society intolerance of violence against women at home and in workplace;
  • change the legislation to protect women and children victims of domestic violence;
  • educate children and young people in human rights and the national and international regulations guaranteeing those rights;
  • get media involved in gender issues discussions;
  • acquire successful practices of foreign NGOs and adapt them professionally to the Bulgarian reality;
  • promote and encourage women in starting-up their own business;
  • achieve more active women’s participation in politics and decision-making, and create a national women’s lobby.

WOMEN’S CENTER OF KARDITSA  is a non-profit Municipal organization, established in 1992. It is the oldest Women’s Supporting Center in Greece and the only one in Greece that “belongs” to the Local authorities, the Municipality of Karditsa.

WCK’s main concern is the continuous operation of a network of people-executives and organizations in local, regional, national and transnational level, to provide the best and more efficient services to the women of the Prefecture of Karditsa.

The vision of WCK is that men and women can have equal rights and responsibilities, in terms of work, family, politics, authority, leisure time in a world without gender based violence.

WCK, also implements National, Regional, Local and European projects aiming at:

  • promoting equal opportunities
  • fighting against discrimination and inequality in working environments, abolishing professional segregation
  • combining professional and family life
  • informing and activating citizens in matters of social inequality against women
  • sensitizing them against violence against women, teenagers, children
  • spreading practices for the implementation of the above

Dinamika Center Association works on the problems of prevention and protection against domestic violence in the Rousse region. The center’s team has been working actively since its inception to inform the public on the problems of violence against women and children and has cooperated with many state services and institutions – police, court, prosecutor’s office, healthcare facilities, as well as non-governmental organizations from the country and abroad.
Services provided by the centre : Consultative support center of women and children survivors of violence; Social Service – Anti crisis center with specially targeted prevention programs :

  • Social Competence Development Programs – Problem solving skills; job search skills; communication skills and interpersonal interaction. Group trainings lead by qualified trainers from the team with partcipants from the center customers;
  • Training programs – interactive training for students related to the problems of violence and prevention of risky sexual behavior among young people.

Since 2009 DOMINO Volunteers Youth Club has been organized ( boys and girls aged 15-19), P2P trainers on human rights, discrimination, health topics