Children First
Improving Local Services for a More Effective and Child-Centred Approach to Witnessed Violence


Children First aimed to improve the quality of assistance and support provided by public and private services for minors suffering from WDV. In particular the idea is to Enhance the ability of practitioners to recognize/treat cases of WDV and to create an evidence-based framework based on multidisciplinary, cooperation, new holistic treatments of the child through the release of practical transnational guidelines and 3 local protocols.


The path foreseen by the CHILDREN FIRST project consists in:

The Training toolkit

The research-action will be the base in order to build a training toolkit aimed:

  • To increase knowledge and skills on main aspects of witnessed violence, in its features and its implications in terms of detection and treatment with eyes on the EU practices and laws
  • To spread a culture of cooperation among professionals working in different fields related to the phenomenon of WV and among professionals of different local non-profit organizations in target areas

Training contents will cover the following topics:

  • Module 1: EU framework for the detection and treatment of cases of witnessed violence and main examples of successful guidelines for practitioners at EU level
  • Module 2: EU framework for Enhancing interagency and multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration, both at national and at transnational levels.
  • Module 3: Empowerment of women mothers of children victim of witnessed violence.
  • Module 4: Empowerment of children witnessing domestic violence.

Download the Toolkit: EngItGrBg


Download the Guidelines: EngItGrBg